Superior characteristics.

Peat Mix also puts to the test peat’s physical boundaries. When seen in detail, its sophisticated fractionated design gives it a unique water retention and drainage dynamic. The fertiliser profile accents the peat’s power and purpose while the pH buffer is instantly accessible across the optimal range. Even the peat decomposition, which is moderated to increase humic acid levels, adds to the drama. The fusion is growing medium that has the heritage to deliver exceptional quality yields without the price tag.

Raising the benchmark.

Reiziger guarantees its sphagnum peat moss substrate meets the highest chemical and physical standards and is free from weeds and pathogenic organisms for that next echelon in size, yield and taste. Growers can be confident that can be confident that many skilled Dutch craftsmen have used Reiziger growing media for years.

Retains moisture and nutrients.

This third Generation technology results from more than three decades of trial and improvement. It synchronizes the release of plant nutrition and water moisture with plant demand. Simply explained, the technology involves the mixing and matching of four homogeneous grow mediums of varying fractions to create three distinct nutrient and moisture release patterns.

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