The best foundation for growth.

Since its introduction decades ago, more hydroponic craftsmen have trusted Reiziger Peat Mix than any other formula. This level of consistency, reliability and performance has never been duplicated. Its exclusive composition of baltic peat has higher air capacity and drainage than Canadian milled peat while absorbing water faster than baled peat moss for ease of use. Reiziger Peat is lightly fertilised with a balanced plant food high in nitrate nitrogen that feeds for up to 2 weeks and pH adjusted to allow for optimum fertiliser uptake.

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The marks of distinction and quality.

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Improves seed germination and establishment. A luxurious mix lightly enriched with root growth feed that includes micronutrients to boost root growth and build long lasting plant vitality.

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Reiziger Peat Mix is pH adjusted to ensure optimum fertiliser uptake for bigger plants with more blooms. Perfect for seed sowing, rooted cuttings, potting, planting and containers.

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Reiziger Peat Mix is free of contaminants and derived from pure virgin ingredients for that next echelon in size, yield and taste right out of the bag with no extra effort.

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