Dare to be different.

Power, performance, respect. Reiziger Peat Mix is not only the most technologically advanced peat blend ever made, it is also the most effective. This is a substrate for the inquisitive, the confident and the intrepid. Exceptional performance is united with fine-tuned ingredients, all delivered in a style that exudes a sense of mystery and refinement. Intended to push the boundaries of design and manufacture, Reiziger Peat Mix is the quintessence of The Seed Bank of Holland’s dream: Take the greatest that exists and make it greater.

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The soilless potting mix for craftsmen.

Reiziger has been designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all fast growing crop strains. Sphagnum moss peat is harvested sustainably from raised European peat deposits and blended with the most exceptional and purest ingredients: calcium, magnesium, coloured peat, coconut coir pith and root growth feed to give plants a quick boost to get them off to the best start. Its formula is remarkably effective, providing your plants with the optimum balance of air and water resulting in strong roots to grow healthy, beautiful plants.

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How much peat is in this product?

Reiziger Peat Mix provides optimal aeration and drainage as well as fast root growth. It is proudly RHP quality assured guaranteeing quality, stability and crop safety for horticultural use and is recognised to grow stronger, healthier plants, fruits and vegetables. The Reiziger substrate range includes reduced peat and peat free options. Peat is replaced with naturally occurring, sustainable alternatives such as expanded clay and coconut coir pith

Reiziger Peat Contents
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The reliable formula.

While Reiziger Peat Mix is both daring and distinctive, it is still a crop specific medium through and through. The key design qualities that set this respected marque apart reveal in all their glory; the classic 2:1 proportions of air to weight ratio, the minimal amounts of fractions below 1 mm and the signature buffering capacity for nutrients and water.

Peat Technology
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