For spectacular Reiziger results.
Start it right.

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Directions for use.

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Loosen the mixture and half fill the container until a pile appears.

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Place the plant in the desired position and fill the container completely.

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Follow up by thoroughly watering until drainage occurs.

Directions for use.

Take control of your nutrients. Experimentation has its place, however if you are just starting out, resist the temptation. If you are serious about hydroponics and really do want to enjoy twice the yield of soil growers, you should purchase the necessary nutrient testing meters. This one simple step ahead in the art of growing will assure better results in every size and type of hydroponic system. In the long run, it’s how you manage your soulution and the sytem that will determine success of failure

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Give 4-6L or 1-1.5 gallon water per m2 (10 sq. ft.) per day for mature plants.

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Let mix dry to the touch between waterings. Do not water plants too often or give too much water at once. Do not allow plants to sit in drainage water.

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Recommmended pH 5.2-5.8. Never use an EC higher than 2.8 mS/cm.

For big, productive Reiziger Results. Water it right.

The frequency of feeding depends on the grow room temperature, evaporation and the water supply in the medium. Establishing a balance between the water holding capacity of a medium, aeration and drainage is a key to optimum plant growth. Generally, we recom-mend giving five-litres/ m²/ day for fully-grown plants.

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Sphagnum Peat Moss.

An important advantage of peat based substrates is that its water holding capacity is significantly higher than other growing media. The irrigation regime needs to be modified to receive optimal benefits. In general, peat substrates will require less irrigation and less fertilisation than other growing media. A more dry cultivation of the crop and ensuring a dry substrate surface generally reduces the risk of algae growth. Plant growth is healthier, as plant stress and pressure from pests and disease is less. Irrigate during the morning to allow
the substrate and plant leaves to dry up during the day. Make sure that the substrate is completely wet without excess water. No dry zones should be left in the pot. The substrate should only be irrigated again after it has dried out and visual judgement based on the colour of the substrate or moisture monitoring indicate irrigation is required.

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For Reiziger Results.

Reiziger has been designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all fast growing crop strains. Formulated from the original recipes used at the legendary Seed Bank of Holland in the 1980s, Reiziger has the heritage to deliver exceptional quality yields. Feed your plants with Reiziger Grow and Bloom nutrients and use Reiziger Root Booster to prevent transplant shock.

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Boost early white root growth.

Reiziger Root Booster, a Norwegian sea kelp mineral rich tonic helps activate newly potted plants or transplants and boosts early white root growth, promoting uniformity and survivability. Use it to activate, revive and boost root growth for strong plants and faster blooms.

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Transform your plants.

Reiziger Grow Booster energises plants for vigorous growth, hearty roots and abundant yields. Born from nature, made in Holland, this precious and effective liquid has the power to transform plants. In a short time plant vigour improves, lushness is restored and greater yields achieved.

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Get optimum results. Use booster.

Reiziger Research has uncovered through rigorous field trials and evaluation in Holland that the addition of non-Reiziger branded additives destabilised the pH balance and may dramatically reduced yields and quality. Reiziger has everything you need for improved quality and yield.

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For big, productive Reiziger Results. Plant it right.

Reiziger hydroponic potting mixes are specifically formulated as a superior base to meet the needs of fast growing annual plant strains grown in containers or beds. They provide the ideal moisture and nutrient environment for healthier, bigger plants. Also use them to improve the soil in most gardens.

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