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Reiziger Grow Booster’s silhouette is characterised by a bold optimism, always poised and ready to delight. A fearless statement, with a performance to match. A few days after application, plants look rejuvenated, gleaming with a healthy radiance. Over time, plants appear seemingly unstoppable with an increased capacity to support bigger, heavier buds, fruits and blooms. Reiziger offers everything, except compromise.

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Helps fight sickness. Enriched with medicinal plant extracts that elevate the plants immune system to superior levels helping to fight against sickness. Functions as a biocatalyst to multiply the growth of beneficial micro organisms that aids the plants natural defence system to combat plant sickness, allowing a healthier, stronger and more robust plant.

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Boosts yield. Contains phytoactive ingredients that increases the value of crops grown for their essential oil content, giving maximum yield of the desired active compounds. Natural surfactants penetrate deeply to deliver flower-boosting compounds directly into flower clusters.

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Amplifies aromatic compounds. Empowers the plant with the energy it needs to fortify its natural defence process to help elevate the production of aromatic compounds and terpenes, which directly benefit colour, aroma, and resin production in many flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs.

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Vitamin rich. A powerful yield-boosting duo: a high concentrate of B vitamins infused with medicinal plant extracts, help plants trigger natural chemical reactions. Together they work to help assist in floral development and ripening, with increases in floral weight and potency.

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Plant power. The anti-oxidant properties of medicinal plant extracts help protect the plant from external insults, giving it the ability to focus energy on repair.

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Transformative. Born from nature, made in Holland, this precious and effective natural liquid has the power to transform plants. In a short time, plant vigour improves, lushness is restored and greater yields achieved.

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