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Reiziger Grow Booster is the first hydroponic grow booster for craftsmen tailored to the needs of all short cultures. Born from nature, made in Holland, this precious and effective natural liquid has the power to transform plants.

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A regenerating liquid.

Reiziger Grow Booster is infused with several physiologically active phytochemicals and polyphenols known to help promote rapid growth and increase crop yield potential.

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Experience the gratification of seemingly unstoppable plants. Reiziger Grow Booster is a transformational liquid that dramatically improves plant growth and flowering. Savour the exhilaration of elevated levels of aromatic compounds, enhanced colour, aroma and resin production.

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For spectacular results.

The beauty of Reiziger Grow Booster for your plants is that you can feed as you water. For robust stems, stalks and a profusion of aromatic blooms, feed all of your flowering plants this precious liquid using all fertigation systems.

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“Actually amazing.”

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That’s right if you don’t love Reiziger product you get every single cent back.
No questions asked.

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Grow Booster.

Productive gardens start with Reiziger Expanded Clay, the speedy way to bigger, high quality yields. It provides optimal aeration and drainage as well as fast root growth.

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