Light, but no lightweight.

For Reiziger Expanded clay it all starts with meticulously clean clay mined from a natural geologic source that dates to ancient times. That’s the level of quality that goes into making every single ball of expanded clay. The extracted clay is then fired in rotary kilns at 1,200 °C (2,190 °F) causing it to pop, like popcorn, and become porous and lightweight yet even more durable – it’s 30 percent stronger than most clay and one fifth the density of concrete. The finished product has a bright orange colour with a uniform structure free of defects and harmful impurities 5. Attention to detail – it’s what we’re famed for. Reiziger Expanded Clay 7

Raising the benchmark.

Reiziger guarantees its expanded clay substrate meets the highest chemical and physical standards and is free from weeds and pathogenic organisms for that next echelon in size, yield and taste. Growers can be confident that can be confident that many skilled Dutch craftsmen have used Reiziger growing media for years. Reiziger Expanded Clay 8

The first choice for the discerning grower.

The clay’s performance credentials are evident at first glance – the characteristic profile and round shape give an instant impression of strength. Reiziger’s distinctive sphere is extremely durable, does not disintegrate and is endlessly reusable. A neutral pH level and low soluble salt content makes it ideal for all recirculating hydroponic systems. Available in the grower preferred 8-16 mm size sphere, it is the ultimate root support to help grow big, beautiful fruits and flowers. Reiziger Expanded Clay 9
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Clay Performance
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