Grow twice the flowers.

Reiziger Expanded Clay absorbs 30% more water 4 and takes the guesswork out of watering to grow twice the amount of fruits and flowers. When used in hydroponic gardening, it completely replaces your soil. The unique moisture holding abilities of the Aqualock system help Reiziger Expanded Clay retain more moisture than basic expanded clay and stores and releases water when plants need it.

The marks of distinction and quality.


Provides optimal aeration and drainage as well as fast root growth and is specially formulated for growing fast flowering plants such as tomato and capsicum.

Reiziger Expanded Clay’s exclusive Aqualock composition absorbs 30% more water to grow plants twice the size and protects against over and under watering.

Clever technology maintains healthy roots, while vigorous plant growth helps people grow big, beautiful flowers and vegetables. The best gardens start with Reiziger.

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