With Aqualock for optimum control.


With Aqualock for optimum control.

Reiziger Expanded Clay is the perfect starting point for magnificent harvests, providing optimal aeration and drainage as well as fast root growth and is specially formulated for growing fast flowering plants such as tomato and capsicum. Reiziger Expanded Clay is inert, pH neutral and does not contain any nutrient value. Ideal for recirculating hydroponic systems, Reiziger Expanded Clay’s smart Aqualock formula helps absorb more water and protects against over and under watering.

The craftsman’s choice for abundant yields.

Reiziger Expanded Clay is mined from a natural geologic source that dates to ancient times, this lightweight, high-performance ceramic clay granulate is contaminate, disease and dust free, making it ideal for any hydroponic system. Its superior composition maintains an optimum balance of air and water resulting in rapid root development to grow powerful plants and high quality fruits and blooms. Abundant gardens start with Reiziger Expanded Clay.


How much peat is in this product?

Reiziger Expanded Clay is 100% chemical and peat free and is made from a carefully blended mix of natural clays. Clever technology ensures Reiziger Expanded Clay maintains the basis for healthy roots, while vigorous plant growth helps people grow big, beautiful flowers and vegetables. The best gardens start with Reiziger.

Protects against over and underwatering.

Reiziger Expanded Clay’s exclusive Aqualock composition absorbs 30% more water to grow plants twice the size and protects against over and under watering. The unique clay composition absorbs a third more water as ordinary expanded clay 4 and helps stop your plants drying out. As a result, you will need to water less often while your plants continue to draw on the extra moisture stored by this clay. With the ability to absorb a third as much moisture, this expanded clay is especially recommended for growing plants in a greenhouse or grow rooms where drying out of pot plants is a big problem.

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