Not just refined. Re-engineered.

Coir containing high levels of sea salt and other harmful impurities can damage plant health. Age, origin and the initial treatment are also important factors in determining the final quality of coir substrates. Achieving the matchless Reiziger nutrient absorption and oxygen holding capacity is nothing short of extraordinary. Reiziger Coco Coir Pith starts with carefully selected coir and pith from India, a country well-known for producing the finest coir in the world, that is aged for at least twelve months before shipping to Holland for treatment where it’s flushed with plentiful amounts of fresh water to ensure any potential toxins are washed from the substrate before soaking in a proprietary mineral solution to encourage vigorous root growth and lush foliage resulting in bigger blooms. .

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Reiziger carries on a rich past.

Reiziger guarantees its coconut substrate meets the highest chemical and physical standards and is free from weeds and pathogenic organisms for that next level in size, yield and taste. Growers can be confident that Reiziger growing media has been used for decades by many skilled Dutch craftsmen.

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Dare to be different.

The heat generated from treating coconut coir with steam or methyl bromide destroys bacteria, pathogens, pests and fungi and also the naturally occurring organic compounds, eliminating its protection against root pathogens. The production of Reiziger Coconut Coir Pith avoids these harmful processes and therefore retains the essential Trichoderma fungi, a plant booster scientifically proven to stimulate root growth and protect your plants against soil diseases.

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