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Skilled breeders are often passionate about intensifying terpenophenolic compounds and biomass that directly transform to increased potency and heavier harvests. However there’s a lot more to powering higher quality flowers than subjecting your plants to the most known environmental factors being hydration, plant nutrients, wounding, competition and UV-B radiation. To make the life of a demanding craftsman a little simpler, Reiziger Bud Booster feeds your plants the extra compounds necessary in unlocking a harvest bursting with beautiful blooms.

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Heavy colas. Natural flowering compounds promote steady ripening, resulting in a uniform flower canopy. It is organic, free of harmful toxins and easy to use. By accelerating the mineral uptake and metabolic activity of the plant, flowering is very fast and produces robust stems and branches to support superior yields. You’ll see short internode gaps transform into solid, rounded bud-clusters that combine into colossal, heavy colas by harvest time.

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Tastier, colourful crops.In addition to increased flower density, Reiziger Bud Booster promotes greater terpene and fragrance production along with faster ripening. Highly concentrated and cost effective, this supplement offers natural growth regulators that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth. The formula can be used in every cultivation system in combination with every kind of feeding. By applying as a leaf spray, the plant can absorb the flowering booster directly via the leaves.

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Clean and safe. The element rich liquid is brimming with over 90 different organic compounds including carbohydrates, gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins, phenols, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides which help to produce consistent, powerful blooms with a dense growth pattern and the desired combination of increased weight, colour, flavour and potency.

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Essential Nutrients. Designed to pack on biomass on when buds transition to flowers or fruits, Reiziger Bud Booster combines state-of-the-art technology with world-class formulation. The result: a surge of intensity your plants will never tire of. Rich with natural micronutrients and other ripening elements extracted from seeds and medicinal plants, giving plants precisely what they need to be productive and vigorous.

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Uniform clusters. To amplify your plants flowering presence, Reiziger Bud Booster delivers your plants a myriad of ingredients to help achieve a harvest bursting with healthy, beautiful blooms with fewer products, leading to less confusion and mistakes. And if you’re not delighted with your results using this modern booster, you get 100% of your money back thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

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Faster produce. Natural hormones that regulate growth and various developmental processes have been thoroughly integrated within the formulation so that they are freely available to the plant to stimulate the synthesis of RNA and proteins, so you can concentrate on a faster flowering stage. And the phytoalexins, vitamins and phenolics allow you to access improved quality, quantity, stress resistance and concentration of resins.

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