An element rich liquid.


An element rich liquid.

With a Dutch heritage
spanning decades.

With a Dutch heritage
spanning decades.

Formulated for
commercial growers.

Formulated for
commercial growers.

To help accelerate flowering
response and uniformity.

To help accelerate flowering
response and uniformity.

That transforms bud-clusters into colossal, heavy colas by harvest time.

That transforms bud-clusters into
colossal, heavy colas
by harvest time.

Trusted by the world’s best.

Developed in Holland over 20 years ago for the commercial grower to help medicinal plants build extremely large, crystal-laden colas indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse, in hydroponics and soil. Reiziger Bud Booster is a chosen favourite by Dutch craftsmen for all short cycle plant strains. The element rich liquid is brimming with over 90 different organic compounds including carbohydrates, gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins, phenols, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides which help to produce consistent, powerful blooms with a dense growth pattern and the desired combination of increased weight, colour, flavour and potency.

Make your mark.

More than just a multi-stage flowering booster, this hydroponic biostimulant represents a leap forward in nutrient formulation. This is everything craftsmen growers want in a premium booster formula, maybe more. Every aspect of the formula has been refined from the natural growth hormones, to the amino acids, to the micronutrient ratio balance that will help you gain the full advantage from your hydroponic system. Rich in organic flowering regulators that optimise the flowering metabolites and energy inherently available within the plant enabling blooms to develop uniformly and ripen to their full potential.

The Reiziger way.

To amplify your plants flowering presence, Reiziger Bud Booster delivers your plants a myriad of ingre- dients to help achieve a harvest bursting with healthy, beautiful blooms with fewer products, leading to less confusion and mistakes. And if you’re not delighted with your results using this modern booster, you get 100% of your money back thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

Feed your plants a tried and tested bud booster recipe.

Everything we do is grounded in a history of more than 30 years of formulating fertilisers to a traditional recipe. Sworn by Dutch craftsmen for decades, Reiziger Bud Booster exclusive formula with naturally derived ingredients gives growers uniform plants that flower fast and deliver increased weight, flavour and aroma.

Guaranteed Analysis

This section of the label lists all nutrients guaranteed in the product. It is divided into the percentage of total nitrogen, available phosphate, soluble potassium and a statement of each secondary plant nutrient present in the formula.

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Derived from

Every label of Reiziger fertiliser shows a Derived from statement, which is a listing of the actual ingredients that constitute the primary and secondary plant nutrients used to make the formulation.

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1.1 – 0.5 – 0.2

Micronutrient ratio

These numbers indicate the percentages of the micronutrients iron, manganese and zinc in Reiziger Bud Booster. This ratio has been found to be an excellent formula for all short cycle strains of fruiting and flowering plants.

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