For bigger yields, safely.

Yields are impacted by the management of phosphorus and potassium at each stage of growth. According to major research study results by Dutch breeders and growers, significant increases in yields were achieved with Reiziger’s guaranteed analysis of 13% P2O5 and 14% K2O, working faster and more effective than other compositions. Being chlorine, sodium and heavy metal free, it is absolutely safe for all strains and won’t burn your plants when used as directed.

Boost yield. A remarkable plant nutrient additive recognised by generations of Dutch craftsmen to promote profuse blooms and optimise the performance of modern plant nutrients to increase plant yields by an average of 35%.6

Big and bold colour. Better than healthy but hidden roots, bountiful blooms on your plants bring your garden to life with radiant colour. Reiziger’s double feeding action feeds plants through roots and leaves for bigger flowers and vibrant colourful blooms throughout your garden.


Fruit swelling. The powerful formulation of patented phosphorus and potassium encourages a cascade of increases in flower size, weight, sugar content and fruit swelling. It’s totally unique, easy to use and incredibly rewarding.

Pure. Chlorine, sodium and heavy metal free. A special production process combines both proprietary phosphorous and potassium in very high concentrations for rapid and effective results. Enjoy the unrivalled purity and results that only the finest Dutch ingredients can deliver.


Safe for plants. Whether you choose to use it as a fertiliser supplement or on its own, it is absolutely safe for all strains and won’t burn your plants when used as directed. Be content in knowing that it’s environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful residues.

Works instantly. Reiziger Bloom Minerals start to work instantly for quick, beautiful results. Contains both phosphorous and potassium in a form that is instantly absorbed and distributed by the plant to help flowers and fruits develop faster with an enhanced sweetness and flavour.

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