For spectacular results.
Feed it right.

The beauty of Reiziger Bloom Minerals for your flowers is that you can feed as you water. For a profusion of blooms, feed all of your flowering plants this crystal clear liquid using all fertigation systems – drip systems, sprinklers, centre pivots and spray units.

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The right amount at the right time.

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The right amount at the right time.

To develop heavier, tighter, sweeter fruits and blooms extremely quickly add Reiziger Bloom Minerals at the rate of 1.5 ml/L/qt, three to four weeks before harvesting (week 5 of an 8 week bloom cycle) to your nutrient tank. Adjust pH to 6.0. Then add flowering nutrient until your desired EC is reached. Use it for one week only.

Due to its unique purity, never use it for more than one week.

Alternate Use: Irrigate only with Reiziger Bloom Minerals to an EC of 1.8 mS/cm higher than the EC of the tap water.

Maximise your plants potential.

Due to the mineral purity, it is essential to follow the directions exactly. Never use more than the recommended amount. Never use it longer than the recommended time duration. When used as per the directions, it will reward you with a sizeable increase in yield. It is suitable for all substrates and hydroponic systems.


Entirely new, yet immediately familiar

The innovative dosing system is the first closed liquid dosing system in the world and enables the user to dose a specific amount of liquid in only three steps. No longer is it necessary to orientate the packaging or squeeze the reservoir. Overdosing or overpouring are now a thing of the past.

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Turn the bottle
upside down.

To dose a specific amout of liquid start by turning the bottle completely upside down to fill the dosing chamber.


Tilt the bottle for the required dosage.

For 40 ml, follow the line to the left of the dosing chamber and tilt bottle. Likewise for 20 ml, follow the line to the left of the dosing chamber and tilt bottle.

Booster Pic10 G Booster Pic10

Unscrew the cap.

Unscrew and remove the cap. This closes the valve between the dosing chamber and the bottle.


Pour out the liquid.

Your product is now dosed and ready to use.

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A History of heritage

Reiziger has been designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all fast growing crop strains. Formulated from the original recipes used at the legendary Seed Bank of Holland in the 1980s, Reiziger has the heritage to deliver exceptional quality yields. Feed your plants with Reiziger Grow and Bloom nutrients and use Reiziger Root Booster to prevent transplant shock.

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Boost early white root growth.

Reiziger Root Booster, a Norwegian sea kelp mineral rich tonic helps activate newly potted plants or transplants and boosts early white root growth, promoting uniformity and survivability. Use it to activate, revive and boost root growth for strong plants and faster blooms.

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Transform your plants.

Reiziger Grow Booster energises plants for vigorous growth, hearty roots and abundant yields. Born from nature, made in Holland, this precious and effective liquid has the power to transform plants. In a short time plant vigour improves, lushness is restored and greater yields achieved.

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For crystal laden blooms.

Reiziger Bud Booster was developed in Holland over 20 years ago for commercial growers seeking compact, uniform plants that flower fast and deliver increased weight, flavour, and aroma. Reiziger has everything you need for improved quality and yield.

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For big, productive Reiziger Results.
Plant it right.

The frequency of feeding depends on the grow room temperature, evaporation and the water supply in the medium. Establishing a balance between the water holding capacity of a medium, aeration and drainage is a key to optimum plant growth. Generally, we recommend giving five-litres/ m²/ day for fully-grown plants.

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