Innovation in every drop.

If you are already a respected craftsman within your community of fellow-growers and you’ve exceeded the capability of your existing nutrient regime, then Reiziger Bloom Food A&B is the perfect formula for you. Designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all short cycle, high value plant strains, Reiziger utilises an extremely powerful formulation incorporating the latest in phosphorus technology that awards the hydroponic craftsman unparalleled bud size, weight and swelling with an enhanced sweetness, flavour and aroma.


The first hydroponic solutions for craftsmen.

Reiziger helps stabilises pH, guarding your crops against pH fluctuation stress and nutrient deficiencies. The balanced formula provides macro, secondary and fully chelated micronutrients plus an innovative and revolutionary patented phosphorus facilitates better absorption by the roots. Reiziger Bloom Food A&B nutrients are designed for use in all hydroponic growing media, both recirculating and non-recirculation systems.


Fast uptake. When cultivating high value crop strains, there’s only one nutrient formula Dutch craftsmen want: Reiziger Bloom Food A&B. It guarantees rapid and complete absorption of nutrients during the vital stages of fruit and flower growth with increased levels of high-grade calcium, magnesium and a complete set of chelated micronutrients including the correct amounts of iron.

High grade nitrate nitrogen. High grade nitrate nitrogen. An important consideration for a hydroponic fertiliser is the type of nitrogen used. The nitrate nitrogen rich formula allows unsurpassed absorption of potassium and calcium for new root development that boosts growth rates and bud mass. It’s only natural that the most discerning craftsman might want to opt for the same consistent harvests achieved by Dutch breeders and growers for almost three decades.

Patented phosphorus. Patented phosphorus. Reiziger Bloom Food A&B is engineered with a special patented phosphorous technology used by craftsmen growers to help deliver gains in crop strength, colour and size. The advanced formula is plant accessible across a wide range of pH values as well as enhancing the uptake of calcium, magnesium and micronutrients. The best part – Reiziger delivers all the taste and results you’d expect from its Dutch heritage without the price tag.


Drip clean. The patented phosphorus has a special ability to dissolve mineral precipitations in irrigation tubing and drippers, keeping it clean while helping prevent blockages. In addition, it helps maintain your substrate at an optimal fertilisation level, reducing the need to flush as often.

Fully chelated elements. A chelate is a substance that boosts nutrient absorption into plants. So, even if the water is too soft or too hard, or some environmental issue or cultivating error takes the pH above or below where it should be, your crops can still feed. Reiziger Bloom Food A&B features a full range of macro, secondary, and micronutrients formulated in fully or partially chelated form – some even in several chelated forms that help boost nutrient absorption over the longest possible time for maximum results.

Highly concentrated. Reiziger isn’t just stronger; it’s less expensive per litre of feed. Being 50% more concentrated, you use less. Its super concentrated plant-boosting macro nutrients, fused in the correct ratio with chelated micronutrients, give you bigger, heavier, superior quality fruits and blooms with more yield from the same flowering time.

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