Dutch craftsmen swear by it.



Dutch craftsmen swear by it.

For Dutch hydroponic master gardeners, growing is an art form. It is about long standing craftsmanship and the unique blend of art and science. To help them master their craft, Dutch breeders and growers swear by Reiziger Grow Food A&B for greener, lusher plants. When you use Reiziger, you join the ranks of generations of Dutch craftsmen who know how easy it is to achieve rewarding growth rates.

Made in Holland. Authentically Dutch.

Reiziger Grow Food A&B is formulated from the original recipes used at the renowned Seed Bank of Holland in the 1980s, it doesn’t matter if you are growing cuttings, seedlings or mother plants, Reiziger Grow Food A&B has the heritage to deliver big lush green plants with an enhanced vigour and vibrancy.

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A formula for hydroponic success. And a unique looking bottle.

Everything we do is grounded in a history of more than 30 years of formulating fertilisers to a traditional recipe. Sworn by Dutch craftsmen for decades, this legendary Seed Bank of Holland 2-part nutrient system for the growing phase gives the vigorous growth rates possible, creating the optimal platform for high yields in fruiting and flowering plants.

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Guaranteed Analysis

This section of the label lists all nutrients guaranteed in the product. It is divided into the percentage of total nitrogen, available phosphate, soluble potassium and a statement of each secondary plant nutrient present in the formula.

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Derived from

Every label of Reiziger fertiliser shows a Derived from statement, which is a listing of the actual ingredients that constitute the primary and secondary plant nutrients used to make the formulation.

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NPK ratio

These numbers indicate the percentages of the three primary plant nutrients in Reiziger Grow Food A&B. This ratio has been found to be an excellent formula for all short cycle strains in the vigorous growing phase.

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Ultrapure and free of contaminants.

Designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all crop specific strains, Reiziger Grow Food A&B is free of contaminants and derived from pure nutritive ingredients. It contains no sulphates, chlorides, carbonates, excess soluble salts or other undesirable elements to damage plants or the environment. Each and every container is marked with a quality control number that insures that each batch has been continuously monitored for control of solubility, pH, EC and content of macro and chelated micronutrients.

A formula artisans can depend on. 

In the plant’s first phase of growth, the foundation is laid for bloom. Reiziger Grow Food A&B is a balanced, fast acting formula to instantly promote healthy, energetic new growth and luxuriant root development. To meet the needs of modern hydroponic mediums, maximum nutrient absorption and water penetration is guaranteed from the start with large quantities of rapidly absorbable nitrate nitrogen and high-grade magnesium and calcium. Reiziger Grow Food A&B nutrients are designed for use in all hydroponic growing media, both recirculating and non-recirculation systems.

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Outshine your rivals.

If you’re using general purpose fertilisers, you could be losing yield and wasting money. Why? Because the products aren’t formulated for fast growing crop strains. Reiziger Grow Food A&B is tailor made to provide your favourite plants with exactly what they need, when they need it during the brisk vegetative phase. You can excel with Reiziger.

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Productive. Reiziger Grow Food A&B packs a punch with its special formula rich in exclusive phosphorous to give plants a quick boost and generate lush early root growth in cuttings, seedlings and transplants. Add in the fast absorption rate, a better bioavailability and you get quick lateral shoot growth with greater plant biomass for a cup winning result.

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Convenience. In short cycle plant strains, the root environment becomes alkaline during vegetative growth and more acidic in the bloom, however you never need worry because Reiziger Grow Food A&B is a carefully balanced macro and chelated micronutrient formulation to ensure a stable pH in the root environment. Precise control of what nutrients the plant absorbs during the growth stage means less frequent nutrient changes for you and eliminates tiresome daily pH monitoring and adjustment.

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Great results. Borne from Reiziger’s heritage of expertise, this element rich formula gives plants the minerals they need to thrive. To achieve greater yields in its later life, this formulation is tailored for fast growing plants in hydroponic systems. Fast acting formula feeds through roots and leaves to promote strong stems, rapid growth and large leaf formation. Contains higher levels of magnesium, a vital secondary element, to keep leaves vivid green. Starts to work instantly, is safe for all strains and guaranteed not to burn when used as directed.

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Versatile. Reiziger Grow Food A&B is a specific fertiliser developed to feed plants in every hydroponic medium and system, recirculating or non-recirculating. The potent formula is precisely dosed with key ingredients that help produce powerful plants with fat stems and luxurious green growth. The intent behind Reiziger has always been to help as many craftsmen as possible to grow reliably excellent plants.

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Crop specific. An obsessive attention to detail is apparent when you look at this unique formula. A nutrient formula developed and refined by three generations of Dutch breeders and growers to meet the nutritional needs of all fast growing annual plant strains grown hydroponically under HID lighting in the vegative stage. Abundant in easily absorbable quality minerals and added chelated micronutrients, Reiziger Grow Food A&B is tailor made to provide your favourite plant the optimum balance of nutrients during this rapid growth stage.

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Well balanced. The correct ratios of the micro and macronutrients are critical for hydroponic systems. The further you move away from feeding your plants their ideal nutrient ratios, the quicker potency and yield decline. Tap water offers a wealth of valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphates and nitrates. All of this plus the pH buffer can be accessed easily by the well balanced composition of Reiziger Grow Food A&B to eliminate adverse salt build-up or extreme concentrations of single elements, preventing plant damage and protecting the environment.

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